The Spooky History of Halloween

October 27, 2016


Halloween is a time to celebrate the season of fall, and get to know your community through local festivals and trick-or-treating. But, where did Halloween come from? How long have we been celebrating, and what does the holiday represent? Below, we discuss the origins and traditions associated with the spookiest holiday that we celebrate. The…
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Participate in Our Candy Buy Back to Support our Troops!

October 14, 2016


  Operation Gratitude annually sends upwards of 200,000 care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene, and handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to members of our armed forces to say “Thank You” to all who serve. Our dental practice is proud to participate in this operation by hosting our annual candy buy back campaign….
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Worse Than Candy: Avoid Cavities by Limiting these Surprising Snacks

October 13, 2016


Childhood cavities are the most prevalent childhood illness in the united states, and they are almost entirely preventable. One big way you can help your kids avoid cavities is by limiting the amount of foods that are destructive to their teeth. Below are some foods that you should limit – or cut – from their…
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Water is the Perfect Drink for a Healthy Mouth

September 29, 2016


It’s no secret that water is one of the healthiest things for your body. Aside from providing proper hydration, water contributes to healthy internal organs, and helps regulate your body temperature through sweat production. But, did you know that water is also one of the best tools for a healthy mouth? Let’s discuss some of…
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Fix Your Families’ Bad Breath with These Tips!

September 15, 2016


Bad breath is something that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their lives. Medically called Halitosis, children and adults can get bad breath from a variety of causes, most of which are minor and easily fixed. However, bad breath can also indicate more serious issues that require a trip to the…
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Is Your Student Athlete Protected from Mouth Injuries?

September 1, 2016


This year, nearly almost 25 million children in the United States will play youth sports, and 1 in 3 young athletes will suffer an accidental injury. Dental injuries account for nearly 20% of all sports related injuries. Did you know that your child is 60 times more likely to sustain damage to their teeth when…
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Is Your Child in Danger of Suffering Serious Oral Illness?

August 18, 2016


Tooth brushing only cleans about 1/3 of total tooth surface area, making flossing an absolute necessity for your child to develop a healthy smile that is not encumbered by cavities and other ailments. If your child is not flossing, tartar and plaque can build up between their teeth and cause cavities and even lead to…
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5 Must Follow Rules to Keep Your Kid’s Braces Clean

August 4, 2016


Braces are an investment in your child’s future smile. Like any other important – and valuable – investment, it’s wise to keep braces clean and in good shape so that they can properly function. While keeping teeth clean is pretty straight forward work, maintaining clean braces is a bit more time consuming and involves the help of some other tools. Below are some of the best ways to keep your kids’ braces clean.

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